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PDF >> SPECIAL REPORT: Charts for the Millennium  March 2012
Charts for the Millennium
It is quite rare that you find charts that are worth holding onto for the next quarter century or more.  Well, consider yourself lucky because that is exactly what you are about to stumble upon. Trust us; you can pass this chart series on down to the kids and grandkids for posterity, with confidence.

Parts-I & II

This priceless series of charts intends to help answer five of the most pressing questions of the day:

  •  How much more upside is there left in the broad equity markets relative to both price and time.  
  • What are the trendline price-targets at future resistance levels, and in what future years might these upside price targets occur? 
  • Once the current cyclical bull market ends, what are the trendline price-targets at future support levels, and in what future years might these downside price targets occur? 
  • Given our current wave count, what is the most likely path the market may take in tracing out the next several bull and bear markets over the next 25-years. 
  • Aside from which specific path markets may take in completing their cycles, what is the best strategy to stay on the right side of the market in all timeframes?

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