Wednesday, October 16, 2013

You've been PUNK’D - What are you gonna do about it?

Contemporary use of the term “punked” evolved from an American hidden-camera/practical-joke television reality series originally airing on MTV in 2003.

The Urban Dictionary defines punked as a way to describe someone humiliating you, tricking you, and ripping you off.
At the subversive and deceptive hands of those issuing the world reserve currency aka the fiat “dollar,” individual Americans and everyone across the globe coerced by their respective governments to use and accept said fiat currency's, have been, and shall continue to be, punked big time so long as this massive monetary scam is able to acquire more marks.

It is the ultimate long con worthy of bringing a radiant blush to the faces of Bernie Madoff and Mr. Charles Ponzi himself.  That’s right folks, each of us like it or not, are enmeshed deep within a fraudulent investment operation otherwise known as the monetary, or more accuratley, the currency system. 
NEWSFLASH:  The NEW WORLD ORDER is more than 100-years old and just keeps on ticking 
Exactly who is punking the lifeblood out of every individual living in this modern day global civilization? 
In short, the Owners” of the private currency system comprised principally of private central banks and their primary dealers in concert with politicians bought and paid for by transnational corporate monopolies, foundations, and lobby groups.
Now that you know exactly who is ripping you off, take the next 30-minutes of your precious life to learn exactly how they get away with it, and what you as an individual can do to protect yourself from these treasonous criminal thugs.

Despite the current technical legality of this egregious offense, no matter your station in life, you are being heavily punked by an organized crime syndicate of central bankers who in concert with transnational corporate lobby groups have bought and paid for the corrupt favors of congresses and presidencies for the last 100-years. 
In closing, no matter what unfolds, when or how, we should all realize there is an abundance of substantial shocks waiting in destiny’s queue that will affect everyone’s immediate and longer-term future. 
As such, if you have yet to do so, there is no time like the present to take essential precautions.
Ten more things you can do right now to buffer inevitable shocks of all shapes and sizes: 
  • Get out of debt (100% debt free is the ultimate goal)
  • Covet and protect your currency flows
  • Maintain physical local currency on hand (6-12 months of living expenses)
  • Maintain physical possession of Gold and Silver  (re-balance annually at 15% of net worth)
  • Hedge all bets using separate brokerage accounts that enable true strategic diversification
  • Use timeframe specific strategies to manage like accounts
  • Maintain prudent unbiased disciplines in executing and managing your strategic plans
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It is time to move toward that which best assures safe and profitable passage.
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