Tuesday, July 4, 2017

1776 - The American DECLARATION:

1776 - The American DECLARATION: These foundational concepts of American history along with the brilliantly drafted binding documents, which were mostly a collection of prudently reasoned natural laws, provides perpetual testament to that which humankind can be exceptionally proud of for all eternity.

Today, 241 years later, not so much - as it is quite clear that the original intent of instituting a small and limited government designed specifically to foster, serve, and protect the freedom and liberty of its citizenry has become just the opposite; a large oppressive tyrannical system of unaccountable shadow governance for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many.

Ironically, it is indeed we the people (the many) who have all the power but know not how to exercise it accordingly. We, the masses, instead opt for the path of least resistance - bread and circus as it were, so long as our ill-perceived lives of mindless consumption, passivity, and comfort are not too infringed upon by the unaccountable powers that be.

Therein lays the fatal mistake and lack of essential vigilance that has enabled the mind-numbing level of flagrant corruption and lawlessness that now passes itself off as the ruling government, by and for the people… yeah, right…

Methinks it’s time to boldly and vigorously insist upon the reinstatement of said declaration, and to fully reclaim and vigilantly enforce the existing rules, natural laws, and unshakable foundations upon which it was so eloquently perfected.  What do you think?