Friday, May 17, 2013

Silver Prophecy

Silver Prophecy Thumb

Foreknowledge for which those in silver thirst, cannot the wise men, astrologers, magicians, and soothsayers show unto them; but there is evidence that may reveal such knowledge, and make known to them what may be in latter days.

As for thee, O stacker, a vision of the hereafter came into my mind upon my throne: and that which reveals such foreknowledge, I shall make known to thee what may come to pass...Thou, O stacker, you shall see here, and behold the great image.



Silver Prophecy Image-1

Of truth, that such truth is a truth of justice, an arbiter of peace, and a revealer of knowledge, seeing the image, thou may acquire the foreknowledge sought.



Silver Prophecy Open-Book

The ancient relic will fall from its high place,

          Landing firmly at one hundred seventy four and six:

After the blood of thieves faults in the West,

It shall return at two hundred forty and eight.


Silver Prophecy Image-2



The Golden Age

Muses of the markets, let me state humbly.Silver Prophecy Statue

Predictions and insistence may persuade, but they do not assure, nor supply contingency:


Soon an awakened age of prophecy begins:

the great roll-call of the centuries will be born anew:

soon justice returns, and Aquarius shall reign:

a new consciousness shall emerge from the enlightened.


Only favor those born pure, under whom

the last reign of deceit fell, and a golden age

arose throughout the world: then truth shall reign.


For truth, in leadership, this noble age begins,

and the noble months begin silver’s ascent at one hundred seventy four and six:

any traces of evil that remain will be cancelled,

as the enlightened then lead, and relieve the earth of its perpetual fear.


Silver Prophecy Sunset Book













Amongst Sinclair, Bass, Armstrong, Duane, Maloney, and countless others,

from whom I have gained great wisdom, and hold great reverence:

I rather suspect their sage truths will ultimately prevail.


Entities such as Alph, Bo Polny, and those similar, with or without name,

I know not of their proven works, nor their established accomplishments:

I place no judgment upon their grand efforts of well-intended persuasions;

rather, I prefer to lead cautiously, with prudent contingencies throughout.


Silver Prophecy Myan-EyeWhen I reveal the obvious, all shall know it.

With it, I shall provide contingencies of assurance.


History has recorded what I will soon reveal.

Its inference is hopeful, its relevance poetic,

and its prophecy yet to be sealed.




Silver Prophecy My Freedom Girl