Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gold Standard 2013

Its time for a Solution

The following video is one of the most important documentary shorts that you will view in your lifetime.

It’s Time For A Prudent & Practical Solution

Gold Standard 2013 may well be the epicenter for such a solution. View the documentary, go there, explore the site and mission statements, sign the petition, take action, and take pride and responsibility for taking your country back on September 4, 2013.


Why own gold and silver? The short answer is that you own gold and silver strictly for insurance purposes. It’s that simple.

The most astute financial minds recognize that an adequate allocation of one’s net worth apportioned to gold and silver is essential for the well being and sustainability of one’s financial future.

One must understand and respect the historical monetary role of gold and silver within the context of self-reliance, independence, wealth, and freedom to answer this question more fully.

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