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I clearly remember you telling me (either in an email or in one of the publications) that $15 silver was likely.  That was months ago and I found it distant and difficult to believe.  Now we are knocking on that door and I can see another "BAM" in your future.
Good Job.

~~ Jacques M.

Re: Gold Short Term
I must say yesterday was pretty amazing.  I saw the bearish alert about an hour after it was published and liquefied my positions.  Later I saw the market drop like a stone to the 1280 area and my jaw dropped.  I thought it would be 5-10 points over time. But a cliff dive??

~~ Jacques M.

Yes, I’m guilty of chasing Armageddon, and constantly being left behind.

Your message really hit home with me!

I like to think I’m smarter than the markets, and I’m coming to realize that logic has nothing to do with it and that I’ve been fighting the tape. Help me stop it!

Just a note of recognition here. You made 2 (probably many more) outstanding calls that I took note of.

1. The "hold your nose we're going long the dollar" which was quite the leap of faith at that time. Your emotion said NO but your faith in your charts said YES. Like the Indiana Jones scene when he walked off the cliff onto the invisible bridge.

2. Your recent call of the 2102.89 pivot low of the NQZ11. I watched it happen and was amazed. Of course the issue went north for a while and then reversed again but the initial call was outstanding.

Good Job

"Over the past 4 months, I am verifying the possibility to earn an average of over $2k/week to replace my salary.

For now, the profits just add to my account balance..."


As I've said before, you have a strong belief in your charts and have the discipline to screen out the noise and stay the course ready to go long or short without investing any emotion into the decision. Admirable.


"Thank you for the link, all my questions have found an answer.

It's really easy to follow your recommendations on level III charts.

Even a primary school kid could do it!"


Intuitively the drop in PM’s could coincide with a USD bull run and have little to do with supply & demand.  Guys like Sinclair appear to prefer the scenario that they are always right but have been made to look like a loser because of manipulation. You, on the other hand, just look at your charts and try to tune out the noise. Now Sinclair brings in Bo Polny, a chartist hiding in the shadows who will have a very short life span if his claims don’t pan out by Wednesday.

So you are calling for $15 silver and $1186 gold, but you don’t know when exactly.


"Had a really good education this weekend.

It is infectious when one gets into your work, thank you."



Thanks for confirming that I am understanding and following along correctly,
and thanks for the service that you provide!


"Great job with the charts and all info.

I just need to have a trader's mind..... and I'm getting there with your help."


"My subscription with NTO is now almost three days old.

Since I've signed-up I've been soaking up as much from your website as I can."
"I am very pleased with the charts and graphics you present."

"I've never seen Elliott presented in such a lively and interesting fashion. Additionally, I can tell you are an accomplished writer from the numerous informative articles that you've posted."


"Thanks for the thoroughly clear and understandable answer.

I indeed had a profitable day and look forward to following your thoughts as they unfold in the NTO."


"THANK YOU for your stinging, truthful articles.

They spread light where none has shown in many years!

Please keep them coming."


Dear Mr. Russo,

"I read your articles faithfully, as only a self-taught person can, wandering in the wilderness of my own questionable financial literacy.

I find your writing fascinating, your speculations interesting, and some of your conclusions alarming."


Dear Mr. Russo,

"I read with satisfaction your article posted to I write to humbly offer my gratitude for mustering the courage, knowledge, and desire to pen such a manifesto. I fully understand the time and effort sacrificed to bring such thoughts into the public debate.

At times, remnant thinkers of like minds subject themselves to feelings of benign alienation and futility of purpose.

But think not such thoughts Brother Russo! The remnant have always proved themselves history's future revisionists!

Your voice helps concentrate the thoughts and focus the frustrations of the masses left to feel isolated and helpless. The intellectuals always comprise the vanguard of every revolutionary movement.

As naive and ideological as these musings may sound, I place my trust in precedent. For what other lessons does one possess to judge the degree of course correction required?"


"I love your charts!

I have been with many other groups, and you are the best.

You have the best charts, and you treat your clients very well."

"Upon first signing up for your service, I immediately wanted to terminate it, as it seemed far-too technical; luckily, I did not. After analyzing the charts closely with your commentary, it all started to make perfect sense."

"Hi Joe- just a quick message to say how great it is to be able to follow your charts in real time.

I was amazed to see price move to the close and rest on most of your predicted lines. Great work!

The improvements you are makeing are really appreciated and are very valuable to me. The manic buy sell indicator is wonderful for this market. Can't wait to dig into your weekend report. Have a great weekend."


"I recently subscribed and Just want to say how great your charts are. I have never seen such an accurate market forecast."


"Thanks for the work that you put into you publication. I have significantly improved my trades."

"I have finally done the right thing and subscribed to your Short Term Analysis so I get your work at all scales of time. You were right, it really is great to see all of that information presented together."


This format really gives much better clarity for the preferred and alternate counts.

Your expanded interpretive comments also aid in seeing the wave count in the larger perspective.

I consider this a much improved product, and exactly what I was looking for."


"I recently subscribed and just want to say how great your charts are. I have never seen such an accurate market forecast."




Thanks for the "heads up" yesterday (Thursday, June 8, '06) on a potential reversal day. I was stopped twice, but then proceeded to catch a good piece of the move back up!

Your work is great, sharp, clear and to the point. I had a good week because you gave me different "angles" to look at which kept me out of trouble, especially on the QM. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

Regards, KC


"Your presentation and analysis is EXCELLENT!"



"I have been following your charts on stock charts for some time now. You seem to have a better handle on the market than anyone else I have followed so far!"



"Thursday morning ( 2-Feb) the Dow fell suddenly - caught me unaware, I expected the Dow to continue. Very impressed with your "short" sell-side e-mail."


"Your "Millennium Wave Quarterly Report" was a beautiful piece of work. Obviously, one person's interpretation but nonetheless a masterful piece of work. I respect you for that and the other publications you put your name to.

Well done!"



"The charts I see are well worth the purchase price!!"




"Firstly, having completed your free trial period on the 7th December, I must say I am extremely impressed.
I have been a subscriber for three years, you alone provide the most aesthetically pleasing, and clear chart I have seen to date."

I will be subscribing to three of your publications:
- Global equity analysis
- Near Term Outlook (NTO), and
- Day Traders Perspective (DTP)



"I am really looking forward to your service. You think we are in a different place than other EW analysts. The crowd is usually wrong."



Dear Joseph,

"Thank you for your outstanding service!

I have a couple of questions for you, and hope you can reply to them both.

In EWT’s Sector Watch subscription, I did not see the Semiconductor, or Biotechnology Sectors included in the markets covered.

I am interested in adding EWT’s Sector Watch to my subscriptions, and was wondering if you might add these two indices to the membership in the future?

Also, can you recommend any books to further my understanding of Elliott-Wave?"

Thank you,



EWT's Reply:

Currently present resources limit EWT's coverage to 6 markets in Sector Watch. However, should the majority of our Sector Watch members wish to replace 2 of the present markets covered with 2 new ones, we would be more than happy to make the switch. Do let me know if you’d like us to poll our Sector Watch membership in making such a switch.

The best book for introduction to Elliott Wave Theory by far is Frost & Prechter’s “Elliott Wave Principle-Key to Stock Market Behavior” Thanks for the feedback and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

All the best,


Dear Joseph,

"I hope you won't mind the intrusion, but I have been reading your comments on the Stockcharts web site. I manage a number of global equity funds in London, using a combination of technical and fundamental analysis.

Usually I call the markets accurately, but I must admit that this powerful move on the Dow from 10,000 has got me stumped.

I just want to write to express my thanks for your work - I have just spent a very interesting hour or so going through your charts again.  The overseas markets are particularly helpful in the work I do in the City of London.

How interesting that everyone became so bullish of Japan, China and India at what appears to be right at the top of the recent rally - your charts provide such a dramatic alternative view of the future."

D.Franklin, M.S.I., M.S.T.A (London)

"Thanks for your efforts over the year Joe. Your work is excellent."

Gary Westaway

"Thanks so much for your excellent charts and clear commentary.   I am trying to do a little better in timing the market using Rydex funds, and your thoughts have been a big help."

Many thanks. --Ed James

"Thank you for all the excellent charting and especially for all the commentary.

The charts are excellent, but the commentary is genius. I really appreciate the tremendous diversity.

Bob Bailey

"Thank you Joe!!!
Your technical analysis is invaluable to me."

Wanda C.

"Brilliant charts, well impressed with the work :)"


I’m an Italian trader.
Very, very, good your charts!!!
I vote for you!!!"


"I have been following your site for some time and find it very useful."


"I started trading last year when I realized that my "buy and hold" mutual funds were a sucker's play and I was the sucker. I discovered the wave principle after reading a few books on general tech analysis and found it amazing how the markets maintain such order in Fibonacci ratios.
Keep up the good work."

E. Noel

"I like your Dow count as just finishing 1 or (1).

Not seen anywhere else.

I subscribe to EWI but they are always too bearish and miss most of the rallies.

Thanks for a well thought out site."

J. Glubisz

"Terrific stuff. I'm trying to learn EW but don't have a lot of experience, although it seems to integrate well with traditional TA."


"Great post Re: March 24th. Refreshing to know someone has their finger on the pulse, instead of all the spurious rhetoric. Keep up the great work, and don't leave it so long between posts next time plz! :o)"


"I think you are one of the best here. I am a technician in Holland and specialized in Gann-theory.

The EW-theory is too difficult for me, always huge alternatives, I only use EW-software to keep me on the right track. But the software isn't good, because more data changes the whole count, sometimes on daily basis."

C. de Vries

"Joseph, We need your hourly chart on the DOW or SPX with the Fibs! It is the gospel."

Thanks, Gary

Joe: "I have been in France the past two weeks visiting a daughter who lives in Paris. Just got back to read your pithy and right on observations. I would appreciate reading your entire "Fundamental musings." By the way, Ludwig Von Mises was probably the best economist that I read in my life."


"Again, Great Chart!

My votes 169,201,210,228,238 and 265."


Joe: "good to see your commentary is coming back. By the way, the charts are also very good."


"Please keep up the wisdom and comments as well as the charts."


"Joe: "please include your commentaries in your new formatting. The comments were right on the mark, as were the web sights you suggested we read."


Joe, "Really appreciate the fine work you do.

Please include in your new format the OIL charts and maybe even the $XOI as it moves ahead of the commodity just like gold and equities."



"Vote No. 91

All charts ..."Excellent"!

William Perry

"Vote #68 - Really enjoyed your old charts.

Can't wait to see your new ones, especially, NDX Elliott Wave Analysis."

William Perry

"Great charts! Thanks for sharing your knowledge."

William Perry

"I have wandered by for a long time, but I have not been here for a while. Also I have never voted, but yours was so good I decided to vote for you."


"Great job, keep up the good work, and thanks for working for the little guy."






"Great commentary and charts - Thanks"

Robert Smart

"My first reading of your StockCharts site today. You have my vote! Enjoyed your commentary! I can't imagine how you can possibly stay on top of all this!"

Best regards,

David Jeppesen

"I enjoy your chart analysis and commentary very much. It is unfortunate that even seasoned students of the market are not waking up to what is happening to our country/economy. Keep up the good work."

Alex R.

"I absolutely laughed my a... off when I read "HOUSTON...... we got a problem ....." It
took me five minutes to stop laughing."

Jason F.

"I find your charts very useful. I generally trade the Dow, FTSE and Gold- most are short term (day) trades. I would be pleased if you continue coverage of these and also oil."

P. Gouldstone

"Great job as always, you get my vote every week. Enjoy your work, please keep it up."


"Thank you for your very good charts. The charts are clear to understand. I look every day on them and vote for you. My favorites are Gold, Silver, Housing Index, China, India,
CRB, Oil and Nikkei.

I hope you can cover my favorites continuously."



"Enjoy your work very much.

Done any work on Australia's ALODA ? I can't work out what's going on- the rally just wont end.

Thanks again for your efforts."

G. Westaway

"Fantastic Joe, thanks.

I hadn't seen the end as a diagonal triangle and it now makes sense on the daily."

G. Westaway

"Joseph, the Trojan Horse (DOW) is absolutely the best (humorous) chart I have ever seen...GREAT STUFF!!!"


"Absolutely loved your charts/commentary you have the same perceptions that I have had for years you just say it and prove it better with charts the next few days are very critical just in case I’m going to start teaching my grandchildren Chinese."


"Good stuff, Joe. I enjoy reviewing your site at least weekly. Good tongue-in-cheek and good analysis, too. I have my own trading system which agrees with 90% of what you are saying, just as you claim 905 accuracy most of the time."


Tony Cherniawski

"Thank you very much for your work. You are the best!"


"Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your charts and comments. I have followed Elliot for many years through the Elliot Wave International.

It is quite refreshing to see someone else’s views. Keep up the good work."

Thanks again,

Tim Butler

"Great work...I appreciate it! I like your long-term wave charts. Please send me your supercycle must be fascinating!"



"I really enjoy your work and am seriously thinking about canceling my e-wave subscription for $ 20.00 per month, would you be interested in receiving the same for some extra insight?"

Thank you....Lee Corbin

"I have really enjoyed reading your comments. You write well. But, I am having difficulty with all the abbreviations you throw in. Let me explain:

I am a normal person with IQ of at least 1. (Zero and below qualifies people to be total morons, I am not there yet). The new one is PPT. After some struggle I thought it might stand for PIVOT POINT TARGETS, I don't know. It would definitely help us moronic types to understand what you are talking about. Second, in one of the charts you have extended the trend line outside the charts with a wave label. Since the chart scale do not extend that far, I will definitely help in understanding if you would please add a number to the wave label(if one has been calculated).

Well keep up the good work.

And on our part, we love you Joe and will keep on voting for you.

Thanks very much."


Mahesh K. Goswami

"Congratulation to the hard work you put in maintaining these charts. You use to constantly making daily comments of your observations, but Lately it does not happening often enough.

If it is not much trouble , could you work on to post your opinion on a daily basis( i believe sometimes you did it more than once a day). Thanks in advance. Needless to say that you do get my votes."



"I sure wish you covered the NDX in the detail you cover the INDU. it must be a lot of work, i know. your work is excellent and i really enjoy your comments. excellent. thanks."


"Good work. Your reference to insiders is almost on the button. Vickers Weekly Insider Report says it's sell/buy ratio hit 7 to 1, the most since it began in 1971."

James Connors

"I would very much appreciate the digital copy of your Grand Supercycle chart. Please keep up your impressive work."



"I have become a big fan of your work. Please keep it up!"

Best wishes from London,

"I love reviewing your charts and comments. I often compare your charts with mine and as far as I can tell we are on the same boat. Keep up the good work and thanks for timely updates."


"To those people who send you sarcastic comments - tell them to go bury their cash at the bottom of the garden. You're doing a great job ! I'm sure its hard work, and hey its entertaining too! Keep it up!"


Gup (From Australia)

"Absolutely Magnificent presentation!

I did not realize the significance of 10,673 until I ran across your analysis."

Dan R.

"Excellent work. Concise, detailed and well constructed.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to produce these charts."






"I have been working with Elliott for about 15 years, I like your work, it's clean and well defined.

I like your current count of a triangle in process. I am also working with an irregular a-b-c in which we are in c now.

Keep up the good work."


"I am new to Elliott wave, just bought the book, but I thought that the 2 (circled ) primary was on the downside as # 3 (circled) is ready to climb up. You have a primary 2 on the upside. Can you tell me anything to help me understand? I think this is the most difficult thing I have ever tackled so far. Thanks for your time."


"EWT is like astrology either believe or
not....I prefer to keep a healthy respect, but the
fundamentals driving the market are worrisome.
I do enjoy your work, so sign me up...

Ian G.


I just love your charts and comments. How did you get so GD smart?"


"What makes your public list so interesting and why i vote for it every day is because it is so different from that of everyone else.

Don't quit preachin'"


"I read and vote for your great column every day. Could you please tell me your opinion on
the further course of the Dollar?
Thank you."


"Could u send me EW labeled chart of the Millennium Wave since 1900-present. BTW I love to read your comments and charts.

Thanks in advance"

Gene T.

"Just wanted you to know I appreciate your recent (yesterday) expansion of your E-Wave charts to other markets, etc. I think it is critical to maintain the "big-picture" view, while navigating through the short and medium-term market cross-currents."


T. Lowey


"Long time no chat. Just had to tell you about today's play.

I waited patiently and shorted the DOW when it stalled at 10075. It turned out to be a few points to early but I held on. And then I held on, and on, and on.

It seemed like forever and kept getting back to my entry but no real profit. So eventually it dropped and I grabbed my 12 points profit with both hands because by now I was getting nervous.

I immediately flipped over to your chart to find you had entered the "4" (which you hadn't earlier because I checked). I went straight back to my trading platform to find the market had dropped an additional 35 points in the time it took to read your chart!!.

Anyway, put my short straight back on and still holding. Should have checked your chart before closing, but never mind, those are the breaks.

Voted again for you today, even though you don't make your target numbers as clear as you used to :-)

Good luck, and I hope you are trading as well as you are charting."

K. Verrell

"First I want to tell you that you have great charts!

You're labeling and fib work are really appreciated, as well as your logical comments. I love the web page and will vote for it everyday.

Thanks again for a terrific site and all your hard work."

J. Busch

Great charts and analysis.

Many thanks.

P. Bell

"I voted for u because u are so dam funny.  Keep it going.

Oh, and your work is good too!

I trade the ES day in and day out. Have a good one."


"I have just discovered your stockcharts Elliott Wave charts and I am quite impressed. I find them very interesting.

I would enjoy looking at your hand drawn chart of the GRAND SUPER CYCLE."

Dick Ryberg

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