Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Is Resistance Futile?

 Okay, here I go again.

Because the truth is hurtful in many instances, conservatives and liberals are likely to get triggered by this. 

BUT... Tis the season; it is what it is.

Should one care to sift through a bit of factual history, broken/rigged election systems became painfully apparent quite some time ago.  

Sadly, these inherent flaws are now commonly accepted occurrences in American Politics. These problems have grown exponentially worse since 2000.  

The ability to easily rig the outcome of a vote appears to be a coveted feature, not an undesirable bug.  

Win at any and all cost is the mantra. Whatever it takes.

Voter fraud has accelerated by orders of magnitude since the introduction of electronic voting machines in 2002 under the republican leadership of George W. Bush. 

The 2002 Help America Vote Act and the EAC (US Election Assistance Commission) emerged in response to issues surrounding the hanging-Chad controversy in the Bush/Gore election of 2000.  

Despite easy, common sense fixes, politicians appear powerless to eliminate the growing fraud and tampering capabilities.

Either they themselves are stuck on the same hamster wheel we are, or one must assume it is an intended and welcome feature designed to manage and massage the manufactured divide of the populace.

Perhaps it's a combination of both.  

But to what end? 

We must ask and insist upon answers and solutions either way.

Both sides have pointed out the many inherent systemic flaws in the system. Since 2004, both parties officially alleged fraud charges against the other with due cause and compelling evidence.  

Each side masterfully articulates the same compelling arguments. Both sides are spot on in bringing these inherent systemic flaws to everyone's attention.

But who listens? 

Only the losers listen, those who feel cheated, and those who are angry. 

At the same time, the winning side claims that a perfectly fair and honest election took place.  

From their dopamine-inflamed perspective, the winners believe their losing opponents are nothing more than sore losers or election deniers. 

I suppose the idea is that everyone gets their turn. Until, at some point, they don't. 

Then what?  

Is that the ultimate victory both sides seek? Totalitarian rule? 

Is that the game plan?  

I sure hope not. Such would be a lose-lose proposition for EVERYONE.

THE BIG TELL is that each side is okay with it when it goes in their favor, and both sides never band together to fix the problem.  

Think about that and let it sink in for a minute.  

The glaring success of this crime against humanity goes a long way in explaining impossible-to-believe election outcomes based on historical standards, rules, and metrics that we once relied upon in the distant past.

Regardless of which side of the political divide one finds themselves, 99.99% of us cross over into this collective abyss and unconsciously subject ourselves to drowning amid a sinister and subversive Machiavellian event horizon threshold from which there is no apparent escape.

Our election system is chaotic, unhealthy, and degrading, akin to sprinting on a broken hamster wheel atop a cracked 30-story ledge from which we collectively seem unable to slow down, step off, and return to safety.

Regardless of party, class, gender, race, religion, or sexual preference, WE ARE THE TARGETS, All of us, no exceptions. 

In essence, each of us is a slave to this corrupt system.

The only possible means of escape and reparation is to realize the deceptive nature of this hideous realm, take a stand against it, and collectively DEMAND a truly incorruptible format for electing long and short-term stewards of responsible leadership.    

What we have is a masterfully crafted deception, really.  

Namely, one that deludes us into believing that we have a true voice, voting actually works, is fair, and makes a difference. 

Who buys that?

We all can trust our elections regardless of the outcome, right?

By now, it should be self-evident that nothing could be further from the truth.  

Sadly, we are too woke on one side or ignorant on the other to be swayed by factual evidence derived from careful critical thought. 

The idea that we become empowered by such a charade is irresistible, especially when our side wins. 

It's near impossible to resist. 

Most frightening is that resistance is futile in most instances. (borrowing a phrase from Star Trek's Borg) 

One way or the other, they'll catch you on either side of the divide.  

No one is immune. 

Is resistance futile, or should we all get what we deserve?

We might all find out sooner than we think.