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PDF >> Mar-09, 2012 Chart-Cast Pilot
Video >> Nov-01, 2011 Month-to-Date Equity Review / E-mail Alert Primer TIP: Select the large video player @ 480p on YouTube for the best image quality

Chart-Cast Pilot 

Welcome to the Chart-Cast Pilot Test-Drive
Below you will see a list of three premium content files followed by lists of several archived video files and special reports from the Chart Cast Pilot.  We have intentionally disabled many of the links however upon subscribing; you will have access to all of the archives and special reports.  We suspect this ample sampler will give you a very good idea of what to expect from the Chart Cast Pilot.  
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To get the highest quality chart images and video resolution, scroll down to the TIPS & TRICKS section for some suggestions. 

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PDF >> Mar-09, 2012 Chart-Cast Pilot
PDF >> Mar-08, 2012 Chart-Cast Pilot
PDF >> Mar-07, 2012 Chart-Cast Pilot

TIP: Select the large video player @ 480p on YouTube for the best image quality 
Video >> Nov-01, 2011 Month-to-Date Equity Review / E-mail Alert Primer 
(see NDX portion in the video above)
Video >> Oct-27, 2011 Precise Portfolio Replication vs. Position Sharing 
Video >> Oct-13, 2011 Presentation Format & Understanding Equity 
Video >> Sep-15, 2011 Understanding Strategic Diversification (NETFLIX)
Video >> Sep-14, 2011 The Power of Trade Triggers (Bonds)
Video >> Sep-13, 2011 Five-Year Short-Term Trading Performance

Five-Year Short-Term Trading Performance for @ DX - US-Dollar Futures

PDF >> Nov-29, 2009 Analog Chart Studies (update 3)
PDF >> Nov-01, 2009 Analog Chart Studies (update 2) 
PDF >> Sep-23, 2009 Analog Chart Studies (original)

Chart-Cast Pilot 

General TIPS & TRICKS:
Whether they contain embedded video or not, SAVING content FILES and opening them to view from the ADOBE ACROBAT READER renders much higher quality images. 

The default viewer is okay, but the quality rendered from the ADOBE READER is FAR SUPERIOR.

IMPORTANT 1/20/2012:  PLEASE NOTE:  It has come to our attention that for one reason or another, the most recent Adobe Reader Update (Version 10.1.2) does not properly recognize nor play our embedded videos.  Until this is resolved, please use the Adobe Reader Version 10.1.1 to play saved PDF files from your hard disk.

There does NOT however appear to be any problems with video playback using the new version (10.1.2) when opening files via Drop Box directly from within your browser.  This is the default method of delivery however, if you wish to save PDF files to disk and play them later, version 10.1.2 does not appear to work at this time.


General:  (If PDF’s are opened directly from within your browser upon initial retrieval from the website, the zoom resolution should be automatically preset for optimum viewing clarity.  However, you must still select the 480p setting to view screen casts otherwise price bars and text may appear fuzzy.)

NOTE:  Instructions for attaining the Highest Quality Resolution and Video Playback of PDF files that have been saved to your hard disk: 

Setting the free Adobe reader % zoom resolution for optimum clarity:

To gain maximum quality resolution when viewing PDF files in the free Adobe reader, it may be necessary to tweak the magnification or Zoom %. 

For instance, on this sample PC (see snapshot) the Adobe magnification setting is set to 87.2% for maximum quality resolution. 

Once you find the exact % of magnification that works best on your PC, you can set the reader to automatically open the files at this zoom level each time.

To do this, you can go into the Adobe reader, and under the edit tab, select “preferences.”  In “page display” under the categories heading, you can set the Page Layout to “Automatic,” and set it to open at your desired percentage of “zoom.” In this case, we set the reader to open at 87.25 each time we open up a PDF.


Chart-Cast Pilot 

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For MAC Users / Technical NOTE MAC-Platform Status as of  12-28-2010: 
We are working with Adobe engineers to resolve issues surrounding "Adobe Readers" inability to play embedded videos on the MAC platform.  They have identified the trouble with "Reader" on the MAC platform as a known "bug" resident within the reader.  They have informed us that they are unable to commit to specific timeframe for fixing this "reader" related bug on the MAC platform.  All we can do is keep checking for updates to the latest reader and hope that the next such update will include a fix for the bug.


More TIPS and TRICKS for files containing embedded video

Two Clicks Opens the Premium Content PDF files with embedded video:
1. After clicking on the PDF links, select "yes" to open the PDF with the adobe reader.
    2. Select "Play" multimedia content to activate navigation tabs and chart-cast videos.

    Chart-Cast Pilot

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