Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Simple TA Predicted 1850 S&P Target 3-Years Ago

Although the jury remains out as to whether or not a long-term top is permanently in place upon the recent print high of 1850.84, the absolute truth remains that a rather simple TA (Technical Analysis) function predicted a specific upside price target of 1850 for the S&P, all the way back in October of 2010.

Acting upon this sublime buy-trigger in the midst of a continuing financial apocalypse would have netted one a total return in excess of 57%.  Not bad for the rudimentary (inverted) head & shoulder chart pattern we all learned in TA-101.
Shortly after the above-illustrated buy-trigger elected in October 2010, something else happened thereafter.  The more recent chart provided below illustrates a similar type of technical buy-trigger however, this one sets its sights on the far more elusive target of 2156. 
Given the inordinate full spectrum financial control and intractable corruption inherent in what remains of the financial sphere, one can never know just how high and unbelievably surrealistic the entire confidence game of predatory illusion can actually get.  We will just have to wait and see.
UPDATE: Bear Market in Monetary Metals Continues
The multi-year bear market in monetary metals remains an illusion-in-kind, which mirrors the fundamentally flawed logic reflecting the historic highs recently recorded in the broad based equity markets.  We have abandoned the futility in elucidating the myriad of reasons for such price action long ago.
Those interested in exploring such elucidations may do so by visiting our SERCE page, which is a curatorial compilation of socially and economically relevant news and information.
UPDATE: Bull Market in US Bond Debt Remains Intact
Despite loud calls to the contrary, the bull market in US Treasury bond prices remains within its secular uptrend channel from 1981.
Although the long-term trend has turned down as evidenced by the sharp decline from the 153 handle in 2011, the larger secular-uptrend from 1981, remains intact.
From current levels, it will take another 15% decline in price breaching the 113 ’27 handle to confirm the plausible presence of a new secular bear market in US Treasury debt.  Until then, a move to 163 though remote at present, shall remain plausible.

All else being equal, so long as one positions oneself on the right side of a market, and in confluence with ones decided time-frame and risk tolerance, nothing else matters.

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