Saturday, July 21, 2012

Was the Tragic Batman Massacre Staged?

7-20-2012 - 24-yr old James Holmes -

None other than Alex Jones is bringing to light the horrific Batman Massacre as a possible staged event for subversive causes.

In light of a recent article penned on the John Birch Society, which asserts that the UN is a major conspirator against the sovereign interests of the United States, the topic and realities associated with “conspiracy” has been on our minds. As such, we could not resist sharing this piece from Alex Jones.

Jones analyzes the tragic shooting in the context of the timing and typical earmarks of events used for greater societal controls.


One-reader comments:

So this person has no job, is in debt from college. However, somehow he can afford a nice car, a nice apartment, 2 glocks (about $550 each), an AR-15 with a drum mag and an eotech sight ($2000), a Remington Shotgun (not sure on this one, but probably about $700), body armor tear gas, and a gas mask (not sure on these either, but definitely not cheap). He can get through a one-way theater door and this happens just a week before a UN arms treaty is signed, which Obama needs votes for in the senate. At the very least, this person was not a lone wolf and had help, the extent of which we do not know. Does this seem suspicious to anyone else?

Alex Jones

The theoretical tie-in lies with the pending United Nations global Arms Transfer Treaty, a UN treaty to restrict guns thought by some to be a gradual gun-grab. Some argue that the “fast-and-furious” gun walking scandal was a similar staged attempt to influence US senators’ upcoming July vote on the UN treaty.


Will the tragic massacre influence upcoming votes?

Congress would have to ratify any treaty and House Republicans have been saying that they will reject any measure that restricts gun rights. Treaty supporters say the issue is now a political one because the firearms industry is worth an estimated $60 billion a year.


On the left:
Alexander Zaitchik of Media Matters for America disagrees, and asserts the UN treaty is not a global gun grab.

“That the ATT is no opening salvo in a global gun-grab -- a charge made in various forms recently by National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre, The Washington Times, Dick Morris, and a number of others appearing on Fox News -- does not mean the talks are without stakes. National delegations and NGOs are gathered in New York through July 27 to address a lack of common international standards guiding the import, export, and transfer of conventional arms and munitions.”


If staged, the Batman Massacre would be a most sinister evil

Is the CIA, Mossad or other secret governmental organization capable of such black-ops? Well, it is has been proven that they have been involved in such operations in the past, but it would be impossible for any rational American or human being to remotely consider that any such group or individual could knowingly kill innocent citizens to further a political cause regardless of its agenda or goals.

Let us all hope and pray that Alex Jones is wrong.