Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bulls Continue to Rush In - Again

Bulls Rush In

The perpetual reckless experiment of massive government intervention has recently launched the Dow to an all time high. Way back in June of 2009, (a mere 15-weeks following the bear market low), when the Dow was some 6700-pts or 46% lower than it is today, in an article entitled “Waiting to Exhale,” we rather presciently anticipated that the Dow would return to its 2007 high. We further remarked upon the deceptive nature and ill effects of the Fed’s statist interventions in getting it there.

Dow Chart June 19 - 2009“Dutifully administered by the Ponzi, debt-dealing masters of the universe, who believe they can continue to rule the world with a worthless reserve debt-based currency, only due course and time will tell if this historic injection of hyper-debt will prove to be the one of fatal overdose.

To their diabolic credit, they have been here before (sort of), and always seem to prevail in the end. After all, the powers of mass denial are the building blocks of bubbles and manias. So long as frightened patients are still breathing, the doctors of debt will medicate them with steady doses of stimuli until they start believing that the good sensations are real and the good old days are back.

The gravity of such distortions carries the outlandish possibility of eventually delivering a hallucinogenic denial-induced rally taking equities back up toward their 2007 highs. There, we said it. As morbid as it is, until we are able to record (or admit) a time of death, so long as we remain open to constant rule changes and creative innovation, anything can happen by the hand of the wonderful wizards of Wall Street and Washington.”




Reality vs. the Statist Induced Widespread Perception Thereof

We highly recommend taking a free subscription and providing your generous support for the Corbett Report. James Corbett is an old-fashioned fact-driven journalist who has written, recorded and edited over 1000 hours of audio and video. He produces the majority of his reporting via open source intelligence.

Initially, one is likely to perceive Mr. Corbett’s presentation style as slightly verbose, especially for those accustomed to the mainstream media’s empty sound bites. Jumping to such conclusions would be a grave mistake.

To the contrary, James Corbett is articulate, lucid, and extremely thorough. More importantly, he is unbiased, fact-driven, and passionate about exposing the underlying truth with an even-handed level of logic and rationale that is second-to-none. Go to The Corbett to learn more about James Corbett.

Back to our related topic, below the Corbett Report takes us on a 15-minute journey in a recent report on how governments and private central bankers manipulate financial markets.

Alternative vs. Mainstream Media

An hour a day at the Corbett report will more accurately inform you of what’s going on in the world than watching CNN or CNBC-type state-run media outlets 24/7.

In case you missed this mainstream brush with the truth, below is a CNBC clip where fall-guy Rick Santelli argues reality vs. artificial experimental statist induced perceptions against legions of propaganda puppets, namely quasi-economist Steve Liesman.

Clearly more of a circus when compared to the alternative Corbett Report media, the occasional 5-minute mainstream sideshows similar to the one below never seem to fail in eliciting a false sense of shock and awe to the typical indoctrinated viewer.

Most such viewers are likely to conclude that Santelli is CNBC’s stand-in clown for the notorious (Buy, Buy, Buy), Jim Cramer. We like Rick, and assume he is an honest agent drowning in a cesspool of propaganda. As for Cramer, we will refrain from comment.

Bulls Rush In – 2009

Back in 2009, shortly following the Waiting to Exhale article, we penned another in August entitled “Bulls Rush In.” In it, we discuss the missed opportunity of a century, which Mr. Santelli referred to when speaking of the necessity to allow free markets to reign in establishing values vs. the contrived experimental engineering of a dictatorial political machine in bed with private central bankers.

Dow Chart July-31  2009

The real bitch of the matter is the lost opportunity for those loyal to the basic principles of the US constitution. A missed opportunity to engender from this crises radical change of substance that might have returned the union back to the beacon of unwavering hope and disciplined leadership that it was intended to exemplify and indefinitely produce.

Instead, it appears that for now, central bankers, powerful lobby elites, and politicians have pulled another rabbit out of their mystical hats in orchestrating the coup of the century. At the precipice of total collapse, they managed to bail themselves out by fiat, and now coddle the confused peonage under their control to be patient and trusting that good fortune will too come their way - eventually.”

Thereafter, we discussed the mainstream Armageddonists, Perennial Bulls, and other such fools:

“Somewhere between exists another dimension of consciousness known as the reality zone of relevant probability. Recognizing things for what they are, and how they have come to be is the first step in coming to understand the world around us, especially when it comes to manmade schemes involving money, power, and finance.”

We closed the piece in staunch opposition to the dogma spewed persistently from the most revered mainstream authorities on Elliott Wave. We laid out a simple argument against the never-ending bearish drumbeat for an impending echo crash. We did so clearly and concisely, with one chart, and a brief dissenting case against the all too familiar dogma.

For a second time in a decade, the recent new high in the Dow today vindicates our alternative perceptions of reality as quite lucid.

There is no escaping the fact that our analysis and guidance continues to be far more accurate than the dogma espoused by big authoritarian marketing/publishing organizations.

Like Corbett, our primary focus is to sell and deliver the most accurate perception of reality and truth with no hidden agendas or gorilla marketing tactics.

Given our proven record of accomplishments, in the same way that we have encouraged you to support and benefit from the insights imparted by the alternative Corbett Report, it is our hope that we have earned your consideration to support our efforts in kind.