Monday, July 30, 2012

Fall of the Republic

7-30-2012 Fall of the Republic -

In between watching what appeared to us as far too “US-centric” coverage of the 2012 Olympics this weekend, we also found the time to view “The Fall of the Republic,” which is yet another devastating film by the infamous Alex Jones.

Just as alarming (if not more so) as his previous productions, this film depicts a frightening full spectrum takedown of America’s sovereignty, which is in progress, with victory very near at hand.

There is no doubt that Jones’s films are propaganda like any other in its class, and similarly effective as the everyday onslaught and barrage of mainstream media.

Despite Jones clear mission to awaken every last American from their deluded- slumber of paralytic denial with regard to the New World Order usurping America’s very sovereignty, much of his evidentiary documentation is difficult for most to accept, and in some cases, impossible to debunk.

In recent articles we have shared four full length features of which the fifth, “The Fall of the Republic,” is perhaps most damning in exposing fully, the current shadow government who arguably controls most every politician in Washington right on up through the presidents themselves.

Although much of the information presented has been well known to this author for quite some time, the effectual presentation style Jones applies in revealing what amounts to high crimes and treason at the highest levels of government, is nothing short of arresting.

This film, like all of Jones similar productions, is not a divisive party line republican vs. democrat exposé but rather a presentation of distinct challenges to “we the people” vs. “the state.”

As has been said often of late, we indeed live in interesting times. It appears clear that some level of profound change is in the process of occurring, it is just not as clear as to what that change will look like or how it will effect most people around the world.

Let us just hope that whatever the outcome, that it has a Hollywood ending, and that the good guys, whoever they truly are, will be victorious in the end.



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