Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why let treasonous thieves take all the money?

Taking the Money and Running -

The non-productive elite Wall Street thieves continue raping the system, and little by little, they have hollowed out Main Street, and are threatening to usurp totally, the very sovereignty of the United States.

On empty words and sophist rumor from thieving central Bankhead’s and their parrots on both sides of the Atlantic, equity markets have exploded to the upside while Main Street continues to look on and languish in the sheer horror and madness of such imposed reality.

These omnipotent statist crooks are not going away, nor are they going to raise their hands and give up anytime soon. As such, while we continue to fight toward ridding this cancerous scum from the system, why stand by idly as they continue to steal what remains considered real treasure.

Instead, we believe it is our duty to help true patriots to game “their” system, and put some of “their” money into our accounts in order to deploy it against them in our never-ending struggle for truth, justice, and the American way.

7-27-2012 Gaming the SP-500 -

That’s right, the Good Guys can Game the Market too:

We shared our short positions in the S&P with you last week, which on Thursday of this week, delivered $737 dollars, as we took profits on those shorts and reversed long. Though we did not quite reach last week’s $1000 dollar per contract take on closed trades, $1,700 in open profits on new longs (plus $737 booked on shorts), have us in mighty-fine shape per Friday’s close.

7-27-2012 Gaming the System - Short-term account summary -

We said it last week and it is worth repeating:

“No matter how ugly the fundamentals, no matter how corrupt the system as a whole, and no matter how bad the technical situation gets on occasion, embedded bulls will simply not go down until the last man falls (and most all are still standing – on OUR DIME).”

Don’t just get mad, you can fight this corrupted power, and WIN:

As illustrated below in our mark-to-market performance table, over the past five months, in the S&P pit, we have been robbing from these crooks as gracefully as they have been robbing from our republic for decades.

7-27-2012 Gaming the SP-500 Five-month Mark-to-Market -

7-27-2012 Gaming the SP-500 five-year equity curve -

The chart above illustrates our five-year equity curve reaching fresh new highs

Despite the epic bully-fail and continued embarrassment statist elites face in the wake of their crimes, Wall Street Crooks in concert with their democratic and republican ilk in Washington continue to thumb their noses at Main Street and kick sand in the faces of the masses that bailed their sorry asses out of a financial black hole, which they created.

So, are you going to just sit there and watch these scumbags repeatedly rape and pillage our republic, or are you going to do something about it. Don’t cry to me that the system is rigged, it’s been rigged since you were born, and it’s likely going to stay that way till you die.

So what about what we shared in - “the more we learn, the more we don’t know?” Yeah, so what about it, nothing there provides reason to be scared into hiding, it provides even more reason to stand up and fight.

It is time to man-up America.