Friday, August 17, 2007

Bulls and Bears Square-off (for keeps)

BULLS and BEARS (held equally at task)

The Minor and Intermediate degrees of trend have finally been shaken.

Amid such malaise:
Elliott Wave Technology continues to deliver a rather stunning amplitude of price-target captures during the recent turmoil.

The financial markets are at critical juncture, and as such, the days and weeks ahead will reveal volumes as to the markets future intent.

Stay tuned...

Server and Transition Update:
Our website now resides on a new server, facilitated by our web-developers.

The developers inform us that they have provided a solution to resume normal “content access” from the member login page. As such, we may resume “normal” access delivery with Monday’s report.

In effort to avoid any potential “Internet connection glitch” at our temporary location, we shall make every attempt to complete Monday’s report prior to our first-stage physical-move this Saturday morning.

If need be, we will keep all clients informed of progress via e-mail, or from our blog-page.

We were informed that the new server requires 24-48 hrs to “propagate,” (whatever that means) which explains why we have not been receiving e-mails through the website. Should anyone have sent us mail void of reply, it is likely we have not yet received it.

Once again - during this temporary transition and challenge, your continued patience is greatly appreciated,


Who is bluepasta?

Desperately searching for a client with the address:

The address above continually returns the following message:

Mail System Error - Returned Mail
Reason: Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable

As a result, the most recently e-mailed subscriptions and special bonus-charts have not gotten through.

Please contact us with a working mailbox so we may send these reports, and provide regular notifications in the future.