Friday, July 22, 2016

Political Climate in America: Storm Clouds Gathering

Elephants in the Room        
If we simply care enough to look and see what’s hidden in plain sight, each and every one of us - regardless of orientation, will suddenly conclude that it’s time to stop fighting with one another, as the majority of such infighting and divisiveness is fostered by the subversive encouragement of none other than a plainly visible common enemy – our Oligarch’s.
If we are, as most of us believe ourselves to be – intelligent human beings, the alarming information presented in the film that follows should instantly become the very foundation upon which all of our immediate and long-term self-interest is based.

Difficult as it may be, embracing and accepting such truths, and vigilantly acting upon them, is the only strategy that will make any difference in our immediate and distant futures. Failure to do so will only serve to ensure Americas continued decline and ultimate demise.

Reflexively appealing to simplistic politically correct meme’s of peace, love, (can’t we all just get along etc.) or railing about divisive, complicated (left vs. right) policy issues, is not a strategy.

Sticking our heads in the sand rather than facing up to the deep underlying causes of a rather palatable and widespread escalation of discontent is a grave error that the overwhelming majority of us have thus far made.
As though it were a sporting event, rooting for “our side” to win this time in order “save us” from the evil machinations of “the opposing side” is an exercise in futility and quite frankly, idiotic.

Getting emotionally charged and fostering infighting amongst ourselves is precisely part of a well-crafted and brilliantly executed multi-generational agenda to divide, conquer, and ultimately enslave the majority of human populations around the world.

The trajectory upon which America finds itself does not appear to be an accident – or just the way of the world, - rather it appears to be clearly by design, and with specific intent, all of which is clearly documented in the following film.

There is no reason beyond willful ignorance that each and every human being should lack the most basic understanding of the world in which they live.

Yes, as frightening as they are, and though they are largely concealed in plain sight, the basic underlying issues revealed in this film are all that ultimately matter, and as they already have; these relentless corruptive forces will continue to have an escalating negative impact upon you, your children, your grandchildren, your family, friends, and all those that you love and care about.

We can choose to ignore these abundantly clear realities at our own peril.

Our futures, and everything we are proud of, know and love - is on the line.

Freedom is not free, and it’s time once again that we start fighting for it.

Though I will not likely partake in the madness of voting within such a corrupt system of governance, if a gun were put to my head – I would in a heartbeat, take all of the uncertainty surrounding a Trump leadership team as the best probability of slowing down or stopping Americas fall vs. Hillary and her entrenched cronies, who are far more likely to further escalate the negative momentum set in motion by the previous Bush and Clinton dynasty’s.

What will it take to get someone like me back into the voting booths?  Well, I suspect a few simple and highly logical things must first occur.

  • First, it would take reinstatement and a clearly observable ongoing commitment for all governing authorities to hold steadfast to an equally applied and objectively enforced common rule of law.

  • Second, I’d need to witness the complete reinstatement and vigilant enforcement of the original Glass Steagall Act, which is a firewall that distinctly separates Commercial Banks from Investment Banks. 

  • Last but not least, following a comprehensive audit, I’d need to see its Charter permanently revoked, and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 repealed along with a perpetual constitutional commitment that at no point in the future of our country shall an elected government grant monopoly to a private third party to issue its currency, which is clearly unconstitutional in the first place. 

Any future revolutionary platform of “the People vs. the Oligarch’s” should contain the above three planks - without which, there can be neither hope nor change.

Sadly, given the above list of rather sensible demands, short of a miracle or revolution of sorts, it appears I won’t be voting for several generations to come – if ever again.

Every American would do themselves a great service if they were to set down their I-phones, turn off their mainstream boob-tubes, stop playing their mindless video games, and invest just a couple of hours of their precious time absorbing the gravity of irrefutable truths exposed in this well-made, well-balanced, insightfully stirring, and starkly revealing documentary film. Though a bit older, the film is everything but dated, and is as relevant today as it was when it was made. For those who have yet to see it, grab some popcorn and buckle up.