Saturday, December 6, 2014

Season of Giving

In our most recent update on silver, we did something we very rarely do; we graciously presented respective 65%-75% discounts on subscriber services.

What happened next?

The response has been rather kind to us, so much so, that the spirit moved us in such a way that today; we are taking the concept of giving one-step further. 

Here’s what we decided to do. After nixing the idea of re-marketing one of our old charting and forecasting services, we decided what the heck, tis the season, let’s just give it away.
The publication will cover seven broad macro markets in a website-like PDF format. As such, it’s too long and comprehensive to simply post as an article - So, what we’ve decided to do is to send it out FREE via email to those who wish to receive it.

We’ll provide a short sample for you in a moment but first, take a quick look at what the first page looks like. If you like-what-you-see thereafter, from our homepage, just enter your email address and you’ll get the first full issue due out by the end of next week, FREE.

Right from page-one, you can go to any macro market in the navigation list, and within each page thereafter, there is a horizontal menu from which to navigate at the bottom of each page. That’s pretty darn awesome for the price don’t ya think. 
Okay, so as promised, we’ll give you a brief sampler of what you’ll find when we mail the maiden issue out to you next week. Let’s take a quick peek at the slam-down in the Crude Oil market and wrap this quick sampler up with the never-ending bubble in the bond market. Here goes:


Arguably, the driver of the global economy, Crude Oil is displaying a rather bizarre anomaly in tanking like a Ponzi, while the equity markets continue to print fresh all time highs – go friggin’ figure – something’s gotta give, one or all of these markets is way out of whack. We’ve been short Crude in long-term investment accounts from triple digits. Price and Trend Rules – Period.



Here we show a plausible wave count progression to end the decline of the proposed primary “B” wave down. This market is deeply oversold, and our trend indicator is steeped in a bearish stampede mode. The price of crude could fall to $40 or lower before the last bear has his say. Only time will tell, we’ll see…



Here we show crude breaking down below critical support and tagging a long-standing downside price-target capture at $64. Not bad. Though not shown here, we have an additional downside price target at $40 – believe it or not. No guarantee that the target will be captured of course, but we’re just letting you know that it’s active and viable. Note how this market disintegrated upon registering weekly closes below the broken uptrend.


Ah, the long-term credit markets – the contrived 34-year bubble that has graced us with a new world order, global governance, never ending wars, and corruption on an order of magnitude that would make Satan proud. Once the critical secular uptrend line is decisively breached, watch out below, as hell hath no fury like the devils scorn.


Okay, so by now you’ve got a small taste of what’s inside these 23-pages of charts and commentary. If you’d like a full copy and future forthcoming issues in the months ahead, just register from our homepage and you’ll be CC’d when each freshly updated publication is out.

Happy Holiday’s from Elliott Wave Technology

Until Next Time, 
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