Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Almost Time to Backup the Truck and Load up on Silver

The following is a plausible forecast / prediction
Despite my known disdain for time and price predictions, I base the plausible forecast for an October 2014 generational low in the dollar-denominated value of Silver upon the cyclical duration of a prior elongated bear market that occurred from May 1968 thru November 1971.

Back then, the price of Silver declined by more than 50% over the course of 3.46 years. We have already surpassed (-62.57%) the magnitude of the previous decline amid the current bear market, and we are rapidly approaching symmetry with the previous time duration – hence, the probability of a similar cyclical low soon forthcoming. 
How low can the dollar-value of Silver go before the next generational bottom is in? – From my perspective, there are three such price targets following a retest and plausible breach of the standing bear-market low at $18.18. The nearest is $16.76, and so long as the price of Silver remains beneath $25.12, the second is $15.15, and the last downside price target we have on record is $13.00.
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