Wednesday, April 2, 2014

To hell with the stock market, EVERYTHING IS RIGGED

We are not heading toward a collapse, it’s here
It’s now more than five-years in, and we have only just begun to witness the long-term effects of global economic collapse. With overwhelming evidentiary cause, far too many of us fear that the worst is yet to come. It is clear to anyone with a pulse, there remains a systemic criminal fraud entrenched at the highest levels of power and beyond.
Despite the multitude of epic crimes against humanity, sadly, a highly compartmentalized trickle-down effect of corruption has proven to be a resounding success. Catherine Austin Fitts refers to the unfolding collapse (which thus far remains “plausibly deniable” according to officialdom’s mainstream media repeaters) as the “slow-burn” collapse. We think she’s onto something.

Fraud and criminality at the highest institutional, corporate, political, and legal levels has planted deep fascist and criminal roots across the globe. Moreover, the arguably unintended and self-serving criminal parasitic elements they have created simply won’t go away by themselves, ever. An immensely powerful feedback loop is virtually impossible to self-correct, and that is exactly what most of the bad actors have inadvertently spawned. They have all fallen, and cannot get up, at least not without directly incriminating themselves anyway.

The worst of such actors have likely participated willfully in the sinister design and long-term execution of their pet project, which is nothing short of planetary full-spectrum-dominance (Global Governance). If humanity believes in individual freedom, it must shun every dupe strategically complicit in such crimes for their inexcusable ignorance, willful or otherwise, while prosecuting fully, those it finds to be guilty of malicious intent, and administer swift justice in accordance with an impartial rule of law; just laws, which were once respected and enforced prior to the criminal takeover. We are a long, long way from justice, and have been for a long,long time.

Though the global economic contrivance has been in a slow motion state of mathematically assured implosion for decades, the actual technical “collapse” occurred in 2008-09. Five-years following the official technical default, through the brilliantly orchestrated coup of too-big-to-jail bailouts, an all-powerful criminal network currently maintain full spectrum dominance over the ensuing collapse dynamics, which like it or not, clearly defines the current reality.

Whether or not one cares to realize it, these ongoing unpunished crimes against humanity will ultimately have severe adverse effects on everyone in the most extraordinary and unimaginable ways. The sooner one recognizes this, the better-prepared one can become. Humanity must fight and conquer this all-encompassing power or else the pervasive evil it perpetually spews shall destroy, subsume, and abusively enslave every single one of its hosts.
Each of us, held hostage in one way or another by egregiously misguided institutional entities, must do whatever we can to shine the light on such evil and vociferously shun it with relentless vigilance. Beyond full awareness, measured dissent, and disassociation to whatever extent possible, until true justice prevails, there is no escaping the grip of our corrupt captors.

Vigilantly questioning, tenaciously striking at the root in mass, speaking truth as perceived, disseminating, articulating, sharing the clear evidence as it presents itself, and responding honorably, is the only way toward reaching solutions going forward.

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