Friday, February 14, 2014

Dollar Flirting with Disaster at 5th Breach of Fiat Cliff

Today, for the 5th time in three months, the US currency unit is breaching a proverbial Fiat-Cliff, sending monetary metals prices soaring.
Fear not statist elites, as per the charts, “your dollar” is most stable, and declining in a rather steady and orderly fashion.

All is going exactly according to plan as per the long-standing policy directives of the divine central banking cartels, and the puppet governments they control around the world.

Though an inevitable devaluation of 50% or more will ultimately manifest, this reserve currency fiction must not arrive at its targeted goals too quickly, as doing so will threaten the oligarchic powers.  Hence, the stated desire for a prolonged and “orderly” decline from which, the slave masters shall maintain full spectrum power over the global economy, and by extension, the whole of humankind.
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