Friday, June 21, 2013

Proven Right, Unequivically

Regardless of what you may think about Alex Jones beliefs, persona, or presentation style, far more often than not, history has proven him unequivocally right throughout his 20-plus years of sensational investigative journalism.

Yes, facts are rather stubborn things.  Jones has a way of uncovering such facts long before the mainstream remotely considers them plausible, let alone true.
For this, we must give Mr. Jones respect and credit, where credit is clearly due.

For those unfamiliar with Jones or those simply looking for a unique review and perspective on this season’s potential summer blockbuster movies, Jones personality, commitment and worldviews are encapsulated neatly in his review of “The Man of Steel Vs. World War Z.

Finally, the iron wall of mainstream denial is slowly breaking down.  Thanks in large part to Jones tenacious commitments, rolling tides of incomprehensible truths keep crashing upon the consciousness of a complacent populace, daring them to wake up and smell the coffee or suffer the consequences.
Wherever it resides, each of us must diligently seek and embrace the truth at all cost.