Thursday, June 20, 2013

No Way Out, or is there?

Is there no escaping the inevitable days of reckoning in the years ahead? 

Perhaps not, however, there are measures, strategies, and tactics that one can easily employ to mitigate the effects of such debilitating shocks. 
We all know there is an abundance of shocks waiting in destiny’s queue that will affect everyone’s immediate and longer-term future. 
As such, if you have yet to do so, there is no time like the present to take essential precautions.

10 Things you can do right now to buffer inevitable shocks of all shapes and sizes:
  • Get out of debt (100% debt free is the ultimate goal)
  • Covet and protect your cash flows
  • Maintain physical cash on hand (6-12 months of living expenses)
  • Maintain physical possession of Gold and Silver  (re-balance annually at 15% of net worth)
  • Hedge all bets using separate brokerages accounts that enable true strategic diversification
  • Use time-frame specific strategies to manage like accounts
  • Maintain prudent unbiased disciplines in executing and managing your strategic plans

Additional Resources:
For the average long-term investor self-directing exposure to the S&P 500, Gold, and Silver, the Guardian Revere Trend Monitor is an excellent long-term market timing and alert-service with an outstanding record of accomplishment in keeping its members on the right side of long-term trends.
For active traders and investors, the Chart Cast Pilot takes it up several notches in sharing its programmed trades across all three time-frames in the major indices and among a basket of the most widely held stocks.

Above is the first page of each Chart Cast Pilot dispatch.  Below are the daily position summaries provided for each market and time-frame.  

What part of we continually kick the markets ass are you still not comprehending? 
If you still believe there is no way out, and no way to mitigate or profit from impending shocks, then you deserve the full impact of the several brick walls moving toward you at lightning speed.

No way out, or is there?

Let’s go people, it’s time to move toward that which best assures safe passage.

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