Friday, January 18, 2013

Aligning Productive Efforts with Integrity & Merit


As we begin the start of a new year, I continue to find myself in somewhat of an entrepreneurial/professional quandary. The paradox to which I refer has been festering for quite some time, and although I have taken clear steps in attempt to align and reconcile my thoughts on the matter, it remains a growing challenge with each passing year.

After a brief explanation, I am hoping that there will be no shortage of constructive feedback from readers. I encourage all those with responses of authentic merit to share their thoughts, and in doing so; possibly provide our community and the world at large with some revelations that might inspire creative solutions. Perhaps such a crowd sourcing could frame the quandary in such a way that provides a meaningful level of inspiration for those in the financial community to continue their professional and entrepreneurial pursuits with a sense of renewed dignity, meaning, and purpose.

Pissing in the Wind or Providing Real Actionable Value of Enduring Merit

From Peter Schiff, to Fidelity Investments, to Elliott Wave Technology, to the United States Treasury, what real value in the way of products and services is the whole of the financial community really providing if indeed the whole system is one giant Ponzi-scheme levitating on borrowed time?

Since launching Elliott Wave Technology in 2005, I have maintained a small core of loyal subscribers who have clearly realized the actionable value of our market opinions and trading guidance. I trust in kind, that each committed, aware, and honest professional within every corner of the financial sphere can proudly state the same.

However, that is not to say that there have not been major challenges along the way. Since the crash of 2008, the retail investor has fled the equity market in droves. Given the level of systemic failure that occurred in concert with ZERO accountability for the multitude of complicit high-level frauds that spawned the entire fiasco, it is quite understandable that the public has lost whatever trust it had left following the crash in 2002.

The interview below illuminates the level and gravity of the systemic fraud willfully perpetrated against the global economy. This is not doom and gloom folks, nor is it fear mongering by any prudent measure. What it is - is the simple and insidious truth. There are no other plausible explanations for the intractable state of financial affairs threatening the entire civilization of humankind. In 45-minutes or less, if you are not already aware, this highly credentialed woman will turn your entire world upside down.

Interview with Former Secretary of Housing

For many within the financial community, the result has been that business is off considerably. Furthermore, I suspect many who share my level of concern for clients are also questioning the merit and value of products and services offered in an environment of clearly fictitious values. A market out of whack for a cycle or two is one thing, the solvency of numerous 1st-world sovereign nations and the implications thereof is quite another.

Integrity ShipIn response to this quandary, within my guidance, I continue to allude (as I have from day one), the recommendation for a strong allocation of tangible assets that are free of counterparty risk, namely the physical acquisition and control of gold and silver.

In 2012, I have taken this one step further in launching Prudent Measures, which provides our readers and clients with a reference source of ideas for broadening their base of tangible assets held outside of the banking and financial system.

In light of the current circumstances, in addition to the original construct of (TAAP) tangible asset portfolio’s, I am now recommending that readers and clients place additional focus upon reducing debt, harboring 5-10% of net worth in (hold-your-nose) physical FRN’s (cash), and restrict financial exposure to the mainstream markets and banking systems to 15-20% of one’s entire net worth. In other words – HEDGE like you never have before no matter the short-term cost.

It is my hope that despite the depressing implications of such recommendations, that readers and subscribers will continue to support our work and efforts. I have long since taken my own advice, and despite some tossing and turning in deep concern for others, I sleep rather well each night.

Though by no means wealthy in oligarch-terms, I can sustain a great deal of rough-sledding for the balance of my expected lifetime however, I do care what is left in my wake, and so should everyone else.

In Closing

Money is a proxy for the creative and productive efforts of reasonable and enlightened human beings providing win/win advantages and benefits for themselves and one another. Within the humanity of each individual lies the real and ultimate wealth; money is simply a proxy for the expression and valued contribution of every human life. Do take a moment to share your thoughts on how members of the financial community such as me can better provide services of such benefit to readers, clients, and subscribers.


If Catherine Austin Fitts failed to impress you with her inside knowledge, integrity and aim toward aligning sustainable pillars of investment with the greater good, the woman in the next interview has the balls (her own words) to put her money and her life where her mouth is.

Interview with Former Commodities Introducing Broker

About 7–minutes in, Ann begins to explain the nature of her call for an all-out financial strike. About 15:43–minutes in, note Peters growing apprehension when Ms. Barnhardt spells out how we ought to collectively man-up to handle the rampant corruption. At about-16:05 in, Mr. Schiff‘s testosterone levels suddenly plummet as Ann lays out a plausible outcome that he is unable to effectively address. Shortly thereafter and prior to closing, Mr. Schiff largely agrees, admits the egregious illegalities perpetrated in concert with a complicit government, and quickly ends the interview by calling instead for a status-quo remedy at the ballot box and the courts, both of which are controlled by the alleged perpetrators. Do not get me wrong – I am a BIG FAN of Peter Schiff. The point is that ALL of us submit by reflex, as perpetual slaves to the dictates of a lawless and corrupt system. At some point, a line in the sand must be drawn, articulated and carried out in a swift, forceful, convincing, and manly manner. Thus far, Ms. Barnhardt is the only individual to my knowledge that is attempting to do just that. Where have all the REAL MEN gone?

Say what you will about Ann Barnhardt’s levels of extremism, but no one on the planet can deny her integrity, will, strength, intellect, and passion to speak her mind on history, current events, politics, religion, and financial markets.

Ann Barnhardt

And that’s just for starters

If you get to know her (and you should), you will find that she has called for a system-wide strike against the financial system, and is leading at present, a one-woman tax strike – quasi John Galt style, but in the plain light of day. It is clear that Ann’s line in the sand has been crossed, and she is dealing with it in the most effective way she currently deems necessary.

Right or wrong, in essence, she is sacrificing herself (presumably for America and humanity at large) on her principles. This woman is literally willing to die for what she firmly believes. She has full faith and confidence that the actions she is taking, is an absolute necessary plight so that the world might gain an exemplary patriotic martyr of truth, justice, and the American Way, and more specifically as model from which to rise from the other side of a mathematically assured hard political/economic reset.

Emasculating the entire male population of America, she is bravely storming the beach of Normandy with no one at her side. This woman has manned up, and is fully prepared for come what may in honoring herself, her country, and her beliefs.

Sadly, on a rather perverted note, there are likely throngs of uber rich sociopath oligarchs who would fantasize weak-in-the-knees for Ms. Barnhardt to dominate and punish them for their powerful evil deeds. I’m sure if given the chance, Ms. Barnhardt would gladly render them an ultimate session of final pleasure from which there would likely be no return.

Right or wrong gentlemen, (me thinks mostly right), all hat’s off for Ms. Barnhardt. Bravo Ann!

If her efforts to inspire and lead by example are at all successful, it is quite likely that we’d collectively reclaim the manliness necessary to solve the bulk of our most existential national problems within a few short years. If she succeeds, she will go down in history as a stalwart American Patriot and icon.

I suspect that this is Ann’s hope and faithful belief. If she does not stand tall toward achieving this end, Ms. Barnhardt firmly believes that everything of enduring value known to America and civilization at large will be lost, and there will be absolutely nothing left to live for.

Man-Up or Shut-up

Do all you supposed men out there feel like a bunch of wussy’s yet? Well, in comparison to the valor of Ms. Barnhardt, we very well ought to. If we as American men have any remnant of manliness left, there IS something each of us CAN do - without breaking any laws.

We Can Do It

Anyone who espouses support for the constitution, natural rule of law, and/or the Austrian school of economics, who complains that the system is broken – and fails to align their actions with their beliefs is inadvertently a complicit part of the problem, and not part of the solution. Therefore, to the legions of system-critics falling into this bloated emasculated category - now is the time to man-up, or shut-up.

Alignment of Spirit & Soul

If you share any of the frustrations and sentiments regarding high-level corruption spawning from the financial system, the political system, the power-elites, and the broken rule of law, you can begin by doing the following without risking your life, your marriage, your children, or a warranted attack from the IRS:

  • Take Concrete Action to Align your Actions with Your Beliefs
  • Distance Yourself to whatever extent reasonable from all elements of the Broken System
  • Put your money where your mind is – financially support your deepest beliefs and convictions
  • Remove all but 10-15% of your net worth from the banking system/ financial markets
  • Take the Hit, and Close all retirement Accounts – and store the CASH yourself
  • CASH your paychecks – leave just enough in Small banks or Credit Unions to pay the bills
  • Become your own Central Banker – Put 10-20% of net worth in Physical Gold & Silver
  • Effectively Secure and Defend your Cash and Valuables
  • Limit your trading and investment exposure to financial instruments to 10-15% of net worth
  • Pay down all debts to whatever extent possible. ZERO DEBT is the ultimate goal.
  • Pay ALL credit cards used for convenience IN FULL each billing cycle
  • VOTE ONLY for LOCAL representation, especially for your local Sheriff’s
  • Don’t Vote in National Elections – What’s the point
  • Never fear expressing your 1st amendment rights in proper context and manner
  • Never abandoned the god-given inalienable right to defend your life and lawful property
  • Avoid the consumerism trap – Save and Spend money wisely and prudently
  • Conduct yourself like an enlightened gentleman of disciplined reason and sound conviction
  • Take all other Prudent Measures you deem necessary to align your actions with your beliefs

After collectively checking off each item of this partial list as a “mission accomplished,” I suspect we can once again take pride in conducting our affairs like the men we were born to be.

“People shall never live happy or free in absence of the collective discipline, tenacity, diligence, and foresight to serve justice prudently, effectually, equally, and swiftly under a Natural Rule of Law.”                                                                                            Joe Russo