Friday, August 10, 2007

Server Down AGAIN!

1:30 AM PST:

We were just made aware that our server has gone down again.

We have once again - notified our "host" of this recurring problem via their emergency hot-line.

Their emergency tech-support is nothing more than a phone-line answering system, which to their credit, is promptly tended to when employees arrive at 9:00 AM EST.

Because of this time logistic - it is likely the server will be re-booted and brought back on line around the same time it was on Wednesday - right at, or shortly before the open.

If you do not do so already, might we suggest "saving" each PDF file once it is downloaded for future recall.

We have posted all of Fridays charts and analysis more than six-hours ago. We trust many of you "saved" those files to disc for advance-review prior to today's session.

We are nearly done with our commentary, but will be unable to upload it until the server comes back on line.

We have already taken action on this matter.

We have instructed our web-developers to acquire contract with a "host" that provides a custom dedicated vs shared server.

We hope that their estimate of one-week's time to effect the switch in service and configuration is accurate.

In the interim - we will pressure our current provider to assure better reliability.