Friday, November 5, 2010

Nightmare on Main

Get with the program

At the Crest of Hyper-Inflation
This is where participants should most likely focus their attention - not on an outlier primary wave three down.  It is abundantly clear who is running the show here; it is the Central banks of the world.  If you subscribed to the rather convincing arguments of mainstream Elliott wave authorities for the past 15-years, we were supposedly at the crest of a bearish tidal wave in 1995.  Well, the exact opposite happened.  Equities TRIPLED in nominal value from 1995 through 2007.

Governments remain impotent / Central Banks Rule the World
The US central bank in particular, which has unfettered monopoly over the world's reserve currency, is in full control of the people's money.  The United States Treasury and all branches of the US government are utterly impotent.  Regardless of traditional political change and the will of the American people, this omnipotent central bank will do whatever necessary to maintain its world governing monopoly - keeping itself and Wall Street first in line to benefit while Main Street and its (in many instances complicit) elected government officials remain comatose and defenseless.  In short, they have every one of us by the shorthairs and the biggest of players tucked neatly in their back pockets.

Conquer the Bull-Crap
15-years after the fact, following 17-months of quasi validation amid the 2008-09 crash, and in the same vain as it was amid the rally off the 2002 lows, viewing the 76% fed-induced bailout rally from the March lows as precursor to a prospective primary wave 3 has been a losing proposition.  We have been full circle with all of the perpetual hyperbole spewed by all mainstream authorities, including those within the technical analysis community.

In our world, embedding well-intentioned table pounding predictions into the psyche of followers is an outright disservice.  Furthermore, fundamentals are a complete joke, and anyone claiming to have known with certainty what has happen over any timeframe is likely an outright charlatan.  In our world, unbiased truth, reality, and price action rule, PERIOD.

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If one wants proof as to our historic record of opinion, one can review the complete history of our entire archive of public communications here.

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Get with the program or go down with the ship of fools.  The choice is yours.