Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Index Traders Edge Vol. 8

By Joseph Russo

Highlighting the NASDAQ 100

Holding the Line

Interestingly, the NDX is one of the few broad-based equity indices to maintain its standing uptrend from the March lows.

Despite closing near its low for the week - with losses approaching 4%, the NDX survived the onset of this particular storm with little if any near-term technical damage. Much rides on the week ahead however.

Incidentally, the weekly rally from the March low turns 21 next week, marking prime time for a panic-low or manic buying-spree reaction high.

Buckle up!

How the rest of the majors held up… 
After breaching 12-year lows beneath 80.14, and plummeting toward its 15-year historic low of 78.43 - The Dollar managed to summon much-needed defense at the 80.02 level - closing the week on an up-note while breaking marginally above a tight downward trendline of resistance.

The Dow failed to achieve expansion targets following its short-lived attempt in expanding its range. Soon after, the index re-entered the high-end of old price territory, and by weeks end - found itself a new home at the bottom of the range. In process, the Dows robust former uptrend failed. The index closed at the lower end of its weekly range, residing at key levels of near-term support. Per last weeks close, the Dow now shares a trajectory of ascent similar to that of the NDX. 
Upon achieving it wedge breakout targets, Gold gave back most of those gains at the first clear signs of a Dollar bottom. The S&P failed miserably upon its marginal besting of former historic print highs. Upon reaching critical mass, the index tanked, suffering a near 5% bloodletting, while threatening to ruin an otherwise healthy level of trajectory.