Saturday, April 13, 2013

Metals Crushed, Slavery by Consent, & Slave for Profit

Slavery - A 21st Century Evil

Just ahead of the state and federal tax collectors unwelcomed arrival on April 15, the financial markets had quite an eventful week. Between the growing geopolitical tensions in North Korea, the BOJ fueling flames of a global currency war, the globalist raid on the Cyprus Central Bank, and the push toward enacting new gun legislation in the US, there was no shortage of distractions.

Today we will update the ongoing price action in silver and show you a very simple way to assure superior results from your long-term investment efforts despite our imposed and collectively consensual form of 21st bondage. Let’s start by assessing the carnage in silver.


Much has occurred since last week’s update. The first item to note is the downside price captured upon silvers breach of the 26.23 target. Secondly, from an Elliott Wave perspective, upon the breach of 26.07, we have confirmation that a prospective (4) wave down at intermediate degree is still in the process of basing.

Siver Update 4-12-13

Despite another bullish momentum divergence, Friday’s downside price action has identified two additional downside targets. The first is 23.00, which is defended with trade and closes beneath the associated falling red trendline marked by the second “R” (for resistance) from the bottom.

More ominously, the close beneath the double-bottom support boundary becomes a mega-bearish line of resistance defending a downside price target of 15.00.

The weekly pit chart below illustrates clearly the cyclical bear market occurring in silver from its peak at 48.58 amidst a much longer-term secular bull market cycle.

Silver Weekly Update 4-12-13

If the money-masters manage a takedown beneath 15.97, all bets are off for a mega-bullish (4) wave down. Weekly momentum is racing toward extreme levels of oversold against the past backdrop of bullish confirmation at the 48.58 print high.

Dipping beneath its horizontal mid-line of secular advance at 26.70, silver is rapidly approaching a .618 retracement of its entire advance from 8.53. Despite this, as we said before, it ain’t over till it’s over – the cyclical bear market that is.

The videos below are well-worth viewing for two sets of rather illuminating long-term fundamental opinions and assessments relative to Gold and Silver.


Slavery by Consent:

In light of tax/theft season, for all of the hardened conspiracy theorists out there, and for entertainment purposes, we share a stirring take on the governments hoarding of vital statistics, namely the birth certificate and what some say it implies.

Ball and Chain

Albeit unconfirmed by additional sources, this rather intriguing story goes something like this:

After the central banking-cartels won monopoly control over money creation and the US federal income tax introduced, both of which occurred ironically in 1913, Is slavery really good for youthe two events more or less galvanized the perpetual enslavement of the proletariat as repayment to the Queen of England for intractable outstanding debts incurred by warring governments.

The basic argument contends that the US constitution ceased functioning in 1933, pledging its citizen’s future labor as collateral against the 1933 US bankruptcy and declaration of emergency.

Hmmm, if that were somehow true, amidst the current monetary and fiscal insolvency crisis, what might nations have left to pledge today? Well, after enslaving the citizens, I suspect the only thing left to pledge is the land and natural resources of any given nation harboring such intractable debts.

Who really knows for sure, perhaps the subversive doctrines of Agenda-21 are the cunning ways and means by which the globalists intend to do just that.

This short clip explores the advent and claimed sinister role of the birth certificate: Do enjoy.

Back to Reality (We hope)

Fortunately, as long as the Constitution still stands, any government action based on extra-constitutional powers is ipso facto unconstitutional. What America needs are congressional declarations that expose as nullities all illegally usurped powers.

In addition, the people must learn to resist the distractions of the rumor mill and, instead, generate constant and informed vigilance lest their freedoms disappear at the hands of those who always claim that they mean to rule well, but who most of all mean always to rule.


Which are You Slaving for - Profits or Losses?

Let’s face it, the vast majority of investors are of the passive type and have no business trying to pick individual stocks or attempting to time the broad markets.

More Profit Less Stress

For most, the clear answer to how to move up to one’s next level of success is through investing in index funds or ETF’s for the long haul.

Take clear note that we do not mean one should resign themselves to the failed myth of “buy & hold” but rather commit to employing a strategic method of staying invested in long-term trends and then getting short or into cash when the long-term trends change.

The key to such success rests with timing. By timing, we do not mean picking tops and bottoms, but instead acquiring a set-it-and forget-it monitoring system to alert one precisely when the long-term trend has sufficiently shifted to warrant consideration for immediate action.

It sounds simple, and it is - so long as one first has the patience to wait for the signals, and then summon the will and discipline to act upon the generated alert.

The last and most important ingredient essential to upping your long-term investment game is to acquire a proven and reliable strategic means by which to calibrate precisely when the long-term trend changes relative to one’s long-term investment objectives and time preferences.

Most of us have so much stress and information overload that it is easier for the majority of us to either opt-out altogether, or bury our heads in the sands of denial associated with the long-held myth of buy & hold.

There is a viable and proven solution to this age-old quandary.

For proof, check this long-term investment strategy’s 21-year performance in staying on the right side of the S&P 500. Granted, this solution is part of a complete trading package, and likely, a bit too costly and involved for the average investor invested in S&P 500 index funds for the long haul.

Given the current market conditions however, we are considering the addition of a standalone service for a limited number of members, designed specifically for long-term SP 500 index investors, and possibly another for monitoring long-term Gold and Silver trends as well.

21-year pilot performance chart

Email if you want to get in on the ground floor of NEW low-cost investment monitors for the S&P 500, Gold/Silver, or both, and we will keep you apprised of all pending developments.

Chart-Cast Pilot

We will wrap this piece with a brief update as to how the short-term Chart-Cast Pilot portfolio is holding up amid last week’s events, particularly relative to the short-term gold trade.

Atop the short-term trading chart for gold is the end-of-day portfolio summary, which ended Friday with a balance of $12,742 dollars in open trade profits, which is absolutely phenomenal considering its modest $59 monthly premium.

Combo Gold chart and performance stats

The short-term trading chart for gold illustrates short positions established on April 10 from a price of 1563.30 with $8720 in open profit. That short entry took place after getting whacked for a $2200 loss on a prior long position.

Prior to that, in the daily equity panel, we show a previous short position booking $990 in profits from a prior trade. Outside the purview of the trading strategy, we also illustrate a successful trade trigger capturing 41-points of downside. Such are the slaves trading for profit.