Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Post-Session Notes for Active Equity Traders

the DOW :
The Dow appears to have completed the last sub-division noted on our short-term trading chart.

After tripping a short-term "buy-trigger" amid the thrust higher at the close, the Dow appears on path toward marking its next sub-division terminal between the R-2, and R-3 levels noted.

Of added note is the move beyond our trend channel noting potential for the "TLB" risk level identified in today's report.

the S&P:
After reaching a short-term price capture near the lows of the session, the S&P thrust higher out of another (wb) into the close. Target is R-2.

Beyond the (wb) - no short-term patterns triggered upon this thrust however, the market is threatening to breakout from the TLB noted.

Unlike the Dow, we cannot rule out another fresh low until the smaller degree impulse is negated.

Should R-1 get taken out, followed by the .618 level, it is likely we are on path for a rapid retest in achieving the R-2 target mentioned above.

the NDX:
Upon achieving a standing downside price target along with substantial entry into our capture window, the NDX thrust higher into close alongside the balance of equity markets.

Until the smaller degree impulse breaches, we cannot rule out another low in this index either.
Though R-2's target has been captured, both R-1, and R-2 remain areas of challenge.